Amazing Facts About Scorpio Women


She frequently has excellent intuition, which enables her to discern others' intentions and motivations even before they speak.

1. She can read you like an open book

Scorpios aggressively guard the people they care about. If you offend them, they will turn their wrath on you.

2. She is extremely loyal

Scorpios can become very angry when betrayed, and they don't take it lightly. Avoid tampering with a Scorpio to prevent their wrath.

3. Hell hath no fury like a Scorpion scorned

She has great wit and sarcasm. A Scorpio woman is really talented at coming up with clever responses.

4. Her sarcasm game is on point

Scorpio women are fashionistas who stay current without being fashion slaves. They confidently and elegantly display their personal style.

5. She is classy, sassy but never flashy

Girls from the sign of Scorpio are renowned for being sensual, which makes them fun to be around.

6. She owns her sexuality

Scorpios place a high importance on loyalty and trust, so once you earn their confidence, your secrets are always safe with them.

7. She will take your secrets to the grave

Scorpio ladies invest their heart and energy into both romantic and platonic relationships. They are passionately dedicated and driven in their relationships.

8. She doesn’t take her relationships lightly

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