Most Possessive Zodiac Signs


The most possessive sign in the zodiac, the Scorpio, wants steadfast loyalty. Their enmity can be lessened by developing trust, but balance is essential.

1. Scorpio

Due to their traditional ideals, Taureans are possessive and seek stability in their relationships. They appreciate fidelity and safety.

2. Taurus

Being sensitive and emotional, cancers tend to be possessive in relationships. For them to feel safe, limits, activities that foster trust, and assurance are necessary.

3. Cancer

The main focus of Capricorns' possessiveness is their careers. They place a high importance on their work and might become protective of their ideas and successes.

4. Capricorn

Leos can be possessive in relationships and have a need for attention. They dislike being out of the spotlight and could become envious if they feel left out.

5. Leo

Libras, the sixth most possessive sign, place a high emphasis on relationships and can become dominant if things doesn't feel right.

6. Libra

In relationships, Aries can be both invested and disinterested. Their need for loyalty and ownership is fueled by insecurity.

7. Aries

Relationships are approached pragmatically by Virgos, who can become possessive if they sense a threat.  Since they have trouble expressing themselves, open communication is essential.

8. Virgo

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