Retrograde planets and relationship difficulties.

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Mercury retrograde is the most well-known retrograde period,  and it is connected with misunderstanding and technological problems.

 When Mercury is in retrograde, it is more difficult to communicate oneself clearly, which can lead to misunderstandings and disagreements in relationships.

Saturn is related with relationship structure, duty, and commitment.  When Saturn is retrograde, it can signify a period of slow growth or the need to reconsider commitments.

Delayed progress and Saturn retrograde

Partners may suffer uncertainty about the direction of their relationship or setbacks in their shared ambitions.

 It may be beneficial to discuss any problems openly and collaborate to develop new goals and expectations.

Venus is connected with love, beauty, and relationship harmony. When Venus is retrograde, it can signify an emotional upheaval and the need to reassess one's values and priorities.

Emotional upheaval and Venus retrograde

Couples may face stress or disagreement about issues of love and intimacy.

 It may be beneficial to use additional caution when expressing one's emotions and to approach disagreements with compassion and understanding.

Mars is the planet that represents conflict, intensity, and passion in interpersonal interactions.

Intensity and Mars retrograde

 It is possible that a period of increased intensity as well as the possibility for conflict may occur when Mars is in retrograde motion.

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