The 8 Most Dangerous Places In North Carolina

The most dangerous places in north carolina

Durham Durham Has Seen Higher Crime Rates In Certain Neighborhoods Particularly In The Past. However Efforts Have Been Made To Improve Safety And Crime Rates Have Been Declining In Recent Years.

Wilmington Wilmington Has Had Issues With Gang-Related Violence And Drug Activity Primarily In Specific Areas. Law Enforcement Has Been Working To Address These Problems.

Poverty and social issues have been linked to higher crime rates in some parts of fayetteville

Its important to be aware of your surroundings in areas with higher crime rates

Gastonia Gastonia Has Had Issues With Property Crime And Theft Particularly In Certain Districts. Residents Should Take Precautions To Secure Their Belongings.

High Point High Point Has Seen Spikes In Violent Crime Especially In Certain Areas. Law Enforcement Is Working On Community-Based Initiatives To Address This.

Charlotte While Charlotte Is A Vibrant And Growing City It Does Have Neighborhoods With Higher Crime Rates. Stay Informed About The Safety Of The Specific Areas You Plan To Visit.