The Best Dressed Zodiac Signs


Taureans take pride in their appearance, dressed chicly and accessorising with the finest items. They enjoy treating themselves to expensive clothing and always look their best.

1. Taurus

Leos enjoy using their clothing to make a statement. They constantly appear polished and fashionable and are natural trend setters.

2. Leo

Libras have a keen sense of style and know how to put together a stylish look. They stay on top of fashion and always add their own unique flair.

3. Libra

Virgos pay close attention to detail while maintaining a classic, polished look. They favour classic pieces and accessorise tastefully.

4. Virgo

Geminis enjoy taking risks and experimenting with their appearance. They effortlessly combine different pieces, follow fashion news, and give chic advise.

5. Gemini

Aquarians prefer to express themselves through their unique fashion sense and risk-taking attire. They enjoy standing out from the crowd and are trend setters.

6. Aquarius

Scorpios have a distinct sense of mystery and a keen eye for style. They favour high-end goods and a simple wardrobe.

7. Scorpio

Pisces combines textures and forms to create eye-catching outfits with their romantic and audacious sense of style.

8. Pisces

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