The "void of course" moon in relationship time and decision-making.

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The vacuum of course moon is when the moon does not make any major aspects to other planets before leaving the zodiac sign.  During this phase, the moon is "adrift" or "in between" energies.

 It's not a good time to make big decisions or change relationships.  Be aware of the emptiness of course moon to prevent making bad decisions.

Of course, when the moon is blank, it is not a good time to start new relationships, make marriage proposals, or initiate any big relationship actions.

Relationship Timing and Void of Course Moon

This is due to the fact that the energy of the emptiness of course moon is unstable and unpredictable, which might result in unexpected results. Instead of acting, it is a good time for contemplation, reflection, and planning.

 It is recommended that existing relationships avoid initiating any big conversations or choices during this time and instead wait for the moon to move into the next zodiac sign.

A void of course moon can also have an effect on how couples communicate with one another.

Course Void Moon and Relationship Communication

During this moment, there is an increased likelihood that misunderstandings and poor communications may take place.

It is imperative that you exercise patience and refrain from having any substantial conversations or making any critical decisions during this time period.

To avoid the negative effects of the emptiness of course moon, it is critical to plan ahead of time and pay attention to the timing of important relationship actions.

Dealing with Courselessness Relationship Moon

Before making any major decisions, speak with an astrologer or study the lunar calendar to avoid scheduling crucial acts during the absence of course moon.

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