Worst Zodiac Signs To Date


Some personality features make some signs more compatible for dating than others. Here is our list of the worst zodiac signs to date.

Obstinate and possessive. They require a lot of care and assurance. Due to their guarded personality and tendency to become highly possessive, and causes relationship issues.

1. Taurus

Capricorns have high standards, are driven, and are serious. They are reserved, lack romance, and have high expectations for both themselves and other people.

2. Capricorn

Aries have a rapid love life and an equally quick breakup. They always look for fresh thrills since they have a limited attention span.

3. Aries

Aquarians resist commitment, guard their sentiments, and intellectualize their emotions. They are hard to emotionally connect with.

4. Aquarius

Sagittarians prefer independence to loyalty, which makes relating to them difficult. They need space and shy away from emotional conversations.

5. Sagittarius

Geminis are reluctant to commit and enjoy weighing their alternatives before making a choice. They are unpredictable, which makes dating them difficult.

6. Gemini

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