Zodiac Signs That Are Hardest To Get Over


Scorpios are intense, enigmatic, and excellent lovers. It's challenging to move on from them due of their attraction and intuition.

1. Scorpio

Endearing and upbeat people who make you feel unique in the world. It's challenging to move on due their alluring aura and positive feelings.

2. Leo

Easygoing, compassionate and excellent communicators who make everyone feel unique. It's difficult to move on because of their comforting presence and care.

3. Libra

Are attentive, dependable, and realistic. Hard to move on from a Virgo who is sincere and values feelings.

4. Virgo

Devoted mates who take things slowly since they are dependable, patient, and sensual. Once you've experienced their romance, it's difficult to overcome.

5. Taurus

Pisces may create one-of-a-kind encounters that make you feel special. It could be difficult to move on from them because of their empathy and caring nature.

6. Pisces

Devoted and passionate mates. Although their impulsiveness can be difficult to deal with, their affection and protection make it difficult to let them go.

7. Aries

Cancers are caring, devoted, and passionate mates, but they may also be sensitive and irritable.  It is challenging to move on because of their fidelity and commitment.

8. Cancer

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